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Camp Hill, Alabama

Eaton's Wrecker after the Wreck 2/23/99
T-BO, Fred Roberts, born 1913-died 1985
Main Street 1930's looking North
Camp Hill Main Street looking North 1998.
View of Winter's store.
View of Tucker's Drug store 1998.
View toward O.R. Chester's store 1998.
Eaton's Snack Bar
Photo of Eaton's Grarge 1998.
Camp Hill's Closed Swimming Pool 1999 .
The Bottle "a service station" on US280 in the 1930's.

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Camp Hill High School Photos

CHHS 1994 Reunion Group Photo of Everyone.
Camp Hill High School 1994 Reunion.
Camp Hill High School 1997 Reunion.
CHHS Class of 60 20 Year Reunion, Dees.
CHHS Class of 60 20 Year Reunion, Dees.
CHHS Class of 60 20 Year Reunion, Frances and Becky.
Camp Hill High School 1930 Burned in 1931.
Camp Hill High School 1959.
Camp Hill High School 1995.
Photo of Camp Hill School 1998.
Another Photo of Camp Hill School 1998.
FFA Group Photo Taken About 1959.
Group shot of class of 93-95 taken in 1999.
Pam 99.
Ed 99.
Earl 99.
Dana and Diana 99.
Delon 99.
Arthur Lee 99.
Faye and Bill 99.
Frank 99.
Wade 99.
Frances and Pat 99.

Camp Hill use to be a nice little town with good people and lots of families and kids. But as things would have it there was nothing to keep the young people here. As the kids left Camp Hill High School they also left Camp Hill as fast as they could. There were no jobs to be had so we all had to leave to find our way in the world. When the young people moved away apathy set in.

I understand that in 1972 Flem Wilson got himself elected himself Mayor because no one else ran and very few showed up to vote. I am not real sure if this is correct, but it is what I have been told.

Later city leaders have let the town fall down. They let the water system go to hell and now have to buy water from Dadeville. The buildings on main street are either falling or burning down, and the ones that are not are boarded up.

The one thing the "Class of Sixty" counted on was that Camp Hill and Camp Hill High School would always be there for us, like a safe haven. We had talked many times about CHHS being home and that we would never forget it. We also had said that we were going to have reunions every five years. We had our first class reunion in 1980. Some of our class don't keep in touch like we had said we would do. BUT nothing is forever.

The school is a disgrace, the gym is gone and junk is stored on the football field. Weeds are growing all around the school. The school waas used for a short time as a sewing factory. Now it just stands empty, like a ghost from the past.

Only a few businesses are open. Strozier's station (I don't know who is running it) but it can't sell gas anymore because of the new federal laws about underground tanks, and city hall are open. Monroe Johnson's garage (owned by Eaton) is now closed along with Eaton's Garage and Eaton's Snack Bar.

UPDATE: Eaton's garage is closing after his wreck in 1999, and because the city hall has increased the price of doing business. Also Monroe most likely will close because of Lic fees. Fees went up from $90.00 to $500.00 this year. For those of you who know Monroe Johnson and how old he is knows that he doesn't do that much business in a year. He had just keep the doors open so the "older men" would have a place to gather and solve the worlds problems. He might do a little work on a car if you just had to have something fixed. In May 1999, The city of Camp Hill told him that they would put him in jail if he stayed open and didn't pay the $500.00. The police came to the shop to lock him up, but he had put up a sign saying CLOSED. All the men were there talking and the city could't do a thing. It seems that certian people want to run people out of business.

People are not moving into Camp Hill, (I believe that anybody would be a fool to move there the way things are) and the ones there are either leaving or being buryed in it.

This is what happens when all the young people have to leave a town to find jobs.

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