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This is the Eaton Photo page.

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Billy and Pat's Wedding

Rev. Bobby Ned Duck, Billy and Pat.
Close up of Church.
Billy, Pat, Wayne, Wanda and Russell (Posted 2/99).
Billy, Pat and Beth (Posted 2/99).

Deserea's Tennis and Softball

Deserea in Columbia, SC with large tennis racket.
Another Photo of Deserea and big racket.
Deserea in Columbia, SC on the court.
Some of Deserea's trophies.
More of Deserea's trophies.
Deserea with 2nd place trophy from Monroe, LA. Age 6.
Columbia, SC. Deserea and other players from LA.

Deserea T-ball.
Deserea softball.
Benton Tigers JR. High Team 1999.
Deserea and Chrisy 1999.
Deserea after losing in extra innings 5/99.
La Hot Sauce Team Shirt 6-6-99.
Flames the winners of ASA Softball Tournament in Shreveport 7-25-99.
Flames Group Shot.
Deserea With The Game Trophy That Was Presented to Her For Driving In The Winning Run.
Deserea and the first place ASA Softball Trophy.

Beth, Alvin and Deserea's Photos

Deserea 1999.
Deserea's 1997 School Photo.

Molly, Deserea's dog.
Deserea, Beth and Alvin.
Billy and Deserea 1998
Pat and Deserea 1997
Billy, Deserea, Pat, Missy and Zakery Griffin

Billy and Pat's Family

Howard Eaton and Quincye Mobley.
Howard Eaton.
Deserea, Billy and Howard.
Deserea and great grandmother Quincye.
Billy and Pat.
Jimmy Eaton (Posted 2/99).
Jimmy and Wanda (Posted 2/99).
Billy (Posted 2/99).
Cleola and Jesse Smith (Posted 2/99).
Patricia 1959 (Posted 7/99).

Family Reunions

Bobby J. (Posted 7/99).
Ed J. (Posted 7/99).
Louise J. (Posted 7/99).
Helfin J. (Posted 7/99).
Bill J. (Posted 7/99).
Joe J. (Posted 7/99).
Clinton and Tina S. (Posted 7/99).

Brandi (Posted 7/99).
Brandi and Butch (Posted 7/99).
Butch and wife (Posted 7/99).
Cherri and Kids (Posted 7/99).
Howard E. (Posted 7/99).
Jason and Deserea (Posted 7/99).
Jean S. (Posted 7/99).
Jimmy S. (Posted 7/99).
Jean and Family (Posted 7/99).
Thresa (Posted 7/99).

Photos of Friends

Elizabeth L. and Pat 1999.

Other Photos

Billy's racing trophies.

Camp Hill High School Photos

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