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If you would like the photo of your class that was taken at the Reunion put on this page please e-mail me a copy and I will add it. I would like to have other photos of Camp Hill or CHHS to place on site also.


Photos from Saturday Night, May 27, 2000

Camp Hill High School Reunion 2000 Ice Breaker Photos

CHHS 2000 Reunion Class of 60 Luncheon Photos

CHHS 2000 Saturday Night Reunion Photos

CHHS 2000 Reunion Mixed Snapshots

I am sorry that they did not come out real good, but there just was not enough light. If you know some of the people's names that I don't have listed please e-mail me.

To start the slide show just click on any photo link below and the show will start from that photo.

Thanks to all who have help me put names on the photos.

1S- Arthur lee and Renee Cladwell.
2S- Patsy Brown Wilson.
3S- Rev. Bobby Ned and Doris Duck.
4S- Quincye Mobley and Bobby Jennings.
5S- Chisper Wilson Jackson.
6S- Patsy Brown Wilson and Chisper Wilson Jackson
7S- Chisper Jackson.
8S- Ben Henderson and Julia Gullage ?.
9S- Joyce Clark Pollard Husband Jimmy.
10S- Nancy Yancey McLendon and Perry Golden.
11S- Deborah Brazell and Faye Bonds Youngblood.
12S- Erma Meadows.
13S- Elizabeth Winters Jennings.
14S- Erma Meadows.
15S- Faye Bonds Youngblood and Charlene Sargent.
16S- Janice Yancey Golden.
17S- Bob Garrett, Kathrine Finch Webster and Olice Moore.
18S- Jane Ward Daniel with Group.
19S- Katherine Finch Webster, Backs to camera are Juanita Finch Liles and Julia Gullage.
20S- Erma Meadows.
21S- Group.
22S- Class of 64.
23S- Class ?? Group.
24S- Class of 1955.
25S- Class of 1996.
26S- Richard Hahn.
27S- Hershal Meadows.
28S- Hershal Meadows.
29S- Joe Davis.
30S- Judy Merritt Bell.
31S- Judy Bell.
32S- Judy Bell.
33S- larry Johnson.
34S- Larry Johnson.
35S- Louise Slocomb.
36S- Louise Slocomb.
37S- Dana Clanton.
38S- Tom Malone.
39S- Jimmy Apperson.
40S- Calvin Miller.
41S- Rosemerry Pope.
42S- Bobby Daniel.
43S- Marie Stodgill Hunt.
44S- Marie Hunt.
45S- Martha Jennings Stanley.
46S- Martha Stanley.
47S- Mary Anne Meadows Kanter and Erick Kanter.
48S- Mary Anne Kanter.
49S- Mary Anne Kanter.
50S- Kathleen High Land.
51S- Kathleen High Land.
52S- Mary Langley.
53S- Who?.
54S- Midge Davis.
55S- Mike Knight and Flem Wilson.
56S- Mike Knight, Flem Wilson and Larry Johnson.
57S- Mike Knight.
58S- Mike Knight and Mary Anne Kanter.
59S- Olice Moore.
60S- Zada "Pete" Minter.
61S- Quincye Mobley.
62S- Ranny Yancey and Katherine Finch Webster.
63S- Renee Caldwell.
64S- Joe and Pete Minter with Joe Burke Royal.
65S- Elaine Shippen LeNoir.
66S- Elaine Shippen LeNoir.
67S- Shirley Washburn.
68S- Sue Freeman Allen.
69S- Janice and Perry Golden, and Nancy Yancey McLendon.
70S- Mary Anne and Erick Kanter.
71S- Mary Anne Kanter and Randall Hill.
72S- Mary Anne Kanter and Randall Hill
73S- Wade Langley.
74S- Barbara Richburg Garrett.
75S- Either May Shepard Handley or Fay Shepard Temple.
76S- Sheila Copous Moore.
77S- Nancy Yancey McClendon.
78S- Juanita Finch Liles.
79S- Debbie Langley.
80S- Mary Jim Daniel Tomberlin.
81S- Jane Ward Daniel.
82S- Beth Ward.
83S- Rosemerry Pope.
84S- Lilli Land (on the left).
85S- Inez Clanton Henderson.
86S- Linda Stodgill Lohmeyer.
87S- Who?.
88S- Class of 1941 Photo.
89S- Class of 1960 Photo.
90S- Gloria Jennings and marilyn Jennings.









Updated 7/11/2000